AltZines is the Alternative Degree Show Festival’s online shop for participating artist’s zines, publications and catalogues. Our graduates have been working really hard over the past year, and we understand that not everyone can make it through to Glasgow to purchase their works, so we are committed to bringing them to you.


From the shop you can purchase a range of publications, including the official Alternative Degree Show Festival catalogue, featuring works and texts from all of the artists participating in this years festival. 


Publications will be sent out to you from the artists themselves, and all proceeds from the sales go directly back to the artists, allowing them to continue making work.



The Alternative Degree Show Festival: Exhibition Catalogue

Work from students participating in both Part 1 and Part 2 are shown in this exhibition catalogue.



Esme Stewart

This zine is made up of high quality scans of the patinated copper plates included in the physical show. They are life-size scans, so you are able to experience the compositions in great detail, while being able to
handle them with ease in the zine format. The project behind the series explores the effects of time on materials and the transient nature of these
substances, namely metal and copper.



Alex Warner

Favorite is my Favourite riso zine 

A mini 8 page zine of  drawings and doodles about favorite chicken the best chicken shop in south. The zine is 2 colour riso printed and stapled together, titled and numbered by hand.

PRICE: £2.99


Rachy McEwan

Techno Synthetic Decay, 
Annotated Research: Series 1

This zine is Series 1 of annotated research documents for a collaborative project between the artists Rachy McEwan and Raya Gray called Techno Synthetic Decay.



Sam M Harley

Condition: Used but Good

Condition: Used but Good is a series of photographs collected from the popular online exchange site, Facebook Marketplace. The title is a popular term used to describe the state of an object up for sale on the site. 

One object that people find difficult photographing are their mirrors. This zine will show some of the weird and wonderful ways people photograph their used mirrors.

PRICE: £10

Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 18.21.37.png

Ella Josephine Campbell

Wood Sprite Book

This book compiles stills and photography from the project Wood Sprite, directed by Ella Jo Campbell. Through visual storytelling, the tale depicts the
origin journey of a wooden puppet to the forest. There, the sentient woods absorb both puppet and puppeteer into the night, through a dissolution of
all forms, giving voice to both matter and spirit. The work strives to foster porosity between human and more-than-human creatures. It hopes to
honour the union of nature and culture, with a hint
of magic. The project involves video, photography, and stop-
motion; performance with a marionette, shadow puppetry, and a life-sized doll; fabrication
processes using wood, textiles, and paper.