8th July / 7-8pm

A discussion around the experiences of older people as GSA students. Zoom event as part of The Alternative Degree Show Festival 2021.

Host: Daisy Weir

7-8pm / 8th July 2021


11 July / 6.30-7.30pm

Interlude Film Festival: A Discussion


Event Name

11 July / 6.30-7.30pm


15 July / 7-8.30pm

Speakers: Rhona Sword, Robert McCormack, Blair Wallace, Maia Pace

Host: Graham Lister, practicing artist and GSA Painting and Printmaking lecturer

15 July / 7-8.30pm


14 July / 7-8.30pm

DIY Sustainable Practices offers the opportunity to hear from some of Scotland’s most important project leaders, learn about upcoming opportunities and get advice on how to be resourceful with what’s available to make the most of your artistic practice.

Hosts: Chloe Ashworth & Rhona Sword

14 July / 7-8.30pm