A fantastic art venue for Part 2 artist situated here in  Glasgow,  ROGART STREET CAMPUS. 

About the Festival 

The Alternative Degree show is a student-led initiative that will take the form of an art festival spread across a number of venues in Glasgow. 

Part 1 kicked off on the 27th of May with the Sculpture and Environmental Art show.

In Part 1, work was shown in the Briggait, the Wash House, Woodlands Community Garden and Mid Wharf Art and Design. There was a large variety of work such as video, performance, large-scale sculpture and installation to name a few. Click here to see more.

Part 2 will take place later on the 7th of July with the Painting and Photography show. Venues for Part 2 shown here. To get a sneak peek at artist's work check out on Instagram.


To secure a place at the Alternative Degree Show book tickets for each venue. This booking system is in place to ensure that we keep visitors safe by staggering entry. You will find relevant information about each venue through booking. 

If you have any questions about the booking process feel free to email altdegreeshow2021bookings@gmail.com



DATES : 7th - 13th JULY 

INSTAGRAM : @altdegreeshowfest

ADDRESS : 4 Rogart St  Bridgeton Glasgow G40 2AA

How Dare You.jpeg

Louise Reynolds

Louise Reynolds is a figuraZve arZst from Hamilton, Scotland. Habitually reading the news informs the work she composes, by recontextualising prevailing and fad narraZves into dystopic visions of the
present and future. By riffing from current events whilst refusing photographic reference from the issues themselves, she rejects an ease of understanding which aligns with the confusion of the internet age. She sees her own work as a
revised ediZon of history painZng, poignantly in the era of fake news, but without an actual commissioner this is subsZtuted with the bewildering over-saturaZon of news items which
proliferate everyone’s online existence.

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How Dare You, Oil on Canvas, 1.5 x 2m

Remi Tohno

I believe art is salvation. Sometimes we feel life is hard. But we can receive the sense of security, the echoes of your invocation and warmth from the artwork.


My work centres around themes of emotion, exploring personal and collective anxiety and trauma. The work's physicality adopts simplicity and minimal expression and deals with intriguing parallels in relation to personal feelings and universal emotional and spiritual experience. A tension exists between the personal and universal, and by sharing personal stories, I hope to connect to others.

Artworks were installed in the artist's home to curate an exhibition, aiming to show these in a different context to explore how Covid-19 affected the world. Since no one will be able to visit the physical exhibition, the idea of a virtual exhibition developed. A poster with a QR code was created to advertise the exhibition, and viewers could link to the exhibition via my website.  

Exhibition at home

Mixed media

Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 21.22.34.png
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Tabitha Hall

 I’ve always wrestled with illustration as a seemingly  perfect way to portray narratives inspired by things  around me whilst keeping myself and my own  experiences at an arm's length. I don’t really want  to illustrate events but let multiple events collide,  everything should flow, I hope it does. My main aim  is to fill a space as best as I can, following doodles,  letting the process lead. I believe the fuller the  space the better, it allows me to hide things in my  drawings, not for people to search out necessarily,  but just to know they are there.

2 large pieces of fabric hanging either from the  ceiling or a constructed frame. On one side: a Large  scale ink drawing consisting of these Titian-esk  figures made up of hundreds of other figures who  are simultaneously creating and interacting with  these figures whilst also working to escape them.  On the other side: a lang charcoal drawing  (Shadows) again, figures are working to create  themselves but this time the figure is creating and  refusing its own shadow.  

One side of the fabric will have loosely drawn ink  figures and as it goes around to the other side it will  turn into loosely drawn charcoal figures.

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Pen and ink on paper 

Charcoal on paper