A fantastic art venue situated in the heart of Glasgow, South Block.

About the Festival 

The Alternative Degree show is a student-led initiative that will take the form of an art festival spread across a number of venues in Glasgow. 

Part 1 kicked off on the 27th of May with the Sculpture and Environmental Art show.

In Part 1, work was shown in the Briggait, the Wash House, Woodlands Community Garden and Mid Wharf Art and Design. There was a large variety of work such as video, performance, large-scale sculpture and installation to name a few. Click here to see more.

Part 2 will take place later on the 7th of July with the Painting and Photography show. Venues for Part 2 shown here. To get a sneak peek at artist's work check out on Instagram.


To secure a place at the Alternative Degree Show book tickets for each venue. This booking system is in place to ensure that we keep visitors safe by staggering entry. You will find relevant information about each venue through booking. 

If you have any questions about the booking process feel free to email altdegreeshow2021bookings@gmail.com



DATES : 7th - 13th JULY 

INSTAGRAM : @altdegreeshowfest

ADDRESS : 60-64 Osborne St, Glasgow, G1 5QH


Joanna Holisz

On one side is the absurd and the exaggerated; on the other, the unassuming and the earnest. My work sits on both sides, unwilling to choose. Letting each side clash, tug, and then happily coexist in space, I experience blissful confusion. 

Currently, my work makes reference to, discusses, and attempts to replicate the most magnificent piece of artwork to have ever existed, and enjoys the chaos which ensues in pursuit of this unattainable dream.

My work takes stimulus from depictions of Dante’s Empyrean and the bold tool paintings of Lee Lozano. I build up transparent layers and ambiguous scenes. This painting is made with oil paint on Simili Japon paper.

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Plunging Through Your Gluttonous Soul (2021)


Oil paint on Simili Japon paper, 64 x 48cm

Orla Kane

Orla Kane is a Scottish Artist based in Glasgow. She relies on the sentimental and poetic values of the landscapes she experiences and imagines. Bodies of
land and water escape the boundaries of the field and are suspended through soft ambiguous forms. These sentiments are expanded like metaphors through
paint and gently collide on raw and prepared surfaces.

The paintings act as vessels, holding opportunities for reflection, longing and contemplating the self in an environment whether it be submerged in a warm bath
or alone in a vast field. These moments allow dreamy escapist philosophies to seep into her work and build a narrative around rural communities informed by her
upbringing in the Scottish Borders.

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(left to right) Moon Cavity, 2021, Oil on Board, 20 x 20 cm. Hot Moon, 2021, Oil on Board, 34.5 x 28.5 cm.


Shaped oil paintings that awkwardly collapse into forms reminiscent of sunsets and moons.

2 moons.jpg
Screenshot 2021-06-26 at 14.17.04.png

Rory O’Neill

I celebrate the miniature for its ability to fragment the landscape, positing its own world based off our own, only pocketsize. Through drawing, painting and photography, the concept of the handheld is relevant both digitally and conceptually in the work I create. I consider the curatorial potential of the miniature and its worth historically by means of being worn by the wealthy and exchanged as currency. The miniature provides autonomy separate to the grandiose for myself making the work and the viewer reading it. It manifests as an object of intense control, but assurance of one’s own autonomy and ability to pick it up, to play or fiddle with.

The drawings have come from a year-long study of the Kelvin Valley, it’s contemporary characteristics and responding to the narrative of those who have passed through or depicted it before. They sit inside vitrines to create a sense or arching this experience and providing a sense of protection.

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The Kelvin Valley

 Charcoal + Graphite on Paper, MDF, Perspex

Rowan Ormiston

Within my work I aim to explore the visualisation of Scottish mythology and folklore as a way of investigating what I believe to be a loss of narrative and representation for Scotland’s ancestral beliefs and stories. I am interested in how Scottish society may have developed differently if monotheist belief had not taken over and rather local belief had been
encouraged rather than persecuted – particularly in relation to our connection with the landscape, portrayal and position of women and respect for the land and its history. The work is informed by research into archaeological findings and the remains left behind in oral tradition and focuses on the central figure of the Cailleach, who was once the mother of
everything within Scottish belief.

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Cailleach, Winter Sighting

air drying clay, textiles/fabric, wire, gouache

snow cailleach low mb.jpg
Screenshot 2021-06-20 at 17.00.07.png

Jack Brown

Jack Brown is a Glasgow based filmmaker/ artist.  His fascination with the moving image and its associated apparatus stems from early exposure to the cinematic medium Digital media has left analogue celluloid film in a state of obsolescence and it is the vulnerability of the medium that makes its study and preservation so crucial to his research. The delicate nature of Brown’s work is reflected by the materials used. For the past four years of study, Brown has made work that reflects personal and societal struggle, using journey as a continued theme. He uses a variety of mediums to capture the sensitive nature of his research: film and poetry being his preferred forms of presentation. 

March Eleventh (2021), 4min40.

8mm celluloid film, digital scan.
Sound piece by Danny Ewing for Artist.
Features recording of voicemail left to artist by friend.

Anna-Louise Mulvenna

Anna-Louise Mulvenna is a painter from Glasgow who graduated from Painting and Printmaking in 2020. Her paintings are influenced by elements of psychedelia, surrealism and visionary art. She makes paintings by collaging ideas from different films, books, magazines, artworks and album covers. Anna-Louise combines visuals that often contrast, incorporates patterns and uses a wide range of colour in her work to make strange imagery.

Gemini                                          Acrylic Painting

Gard(e)ner                                   Acrylic Painting

Sunday                                         Acrylic Painting
Twiggz                                          Acrylic Painting

Real Life Awaits Us                     Oil Painting

Lay, Lady, Lay                               Oil Painting 

O gnashing teeth of the earth  Oil Painting

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Eirini Kalogera

Eirini Kalogera’s work is about looking, observing; drawing inspiration from the domestic objects around her and their formal qualities that usually go unnoticed since we are so accustomed to them.

She draws inspiration from their everydayness and function to create her own interpretations, at times stripping them bare of their purpose of existence or shifting the attention of the viewer to its form, making them objects of aesthetic admiration.

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A plaster tile, custom-made to fit specific objects in a household. Usually used along other tiles as such, curating the placement of furniture in a house, leaving no space for rearrangement.

MEDIUM: 40x40x10cm plaster tile, various pieces of furniture